New Class: Slayer, Royal Slayer, Master Slayer, Slaughterer! Slayer is a new female class character and is attack power is build only by Strenght. Character is very similar to Dark Knight class, as she can use some of the same items, weapons, wings and even skills.


Server is on Testing mode

Now we are setting up the server and testing.We will be glad if you come , test and report bugs.


Support and Chat

Any problem you have, you cand find us on discord chat!



[FIX] Mystery Reward Chest 2000 drop
[FIX] Mystery Reward Chest 1000 drop
[FIX] Mystery Reward Chest 500 drop
[FIX] Chaos Castle Reward by Gremory Case system             
[FIX] Blood Castle Reward by Gremory Case system
[FIX] Devil Squere Reward by Gremory Case System                                                                          
[ADD] Extra spots Kanturu Ruins (added to minimap)
[ADD] Extra spots Kanturu Ruins2 (added to minimap)
[ADD] Extra spots Kanturu Remain (added to minimap)
[ADD] Spots in Kubera Mine 2x each portal (added to minimap)
[ADD] More Farm zones to Scoatch Canyon (added to minimap)
[ADD] Elite Monsters to Scoatch Canyon
[FIX] Elite Monsters from Scoatch Canyon item drop (ertels & pentagram)
[ADD] Abyss Of Atlans Ellite Monsters
[FIX] Abyss of Atlans Elite Monsters item drop (ertels & pentagram + Garuda)
[ADD] Extra spots Nixi Lake (added to minimap)
[FIX] Soul Master Class wear rings / pendants / pets / muun pets  fixed
[ADD] Red Mistery Box Drop re-worked (Full Option + LK + Life )
[ADD] God Of Darkness Global Info after kill
[ADD] God Of Darkness added reward Goblin Points
[FIX] Several Client improvments (new client will be uploaded shortly)
[FIX] Skill Enhanced Tree
[SET] Maxium level setup to 1.200
[FIX] Selupan Drop increased (+0 to +6 2x or 3x Excelent items +LK+OP + 2options + 2-3 soket slot)
[ADD] Extra spots Raklion (added to minimap)
[ADD] Swamp Of Darkness Spots (added to minimap)
[ADD] Extra spots on Ferea Map (added to minimap)
[FIX] Ferea experience rate
[FIX] Nixi Lake experience rate
[FIX] Nixi Lake experience rate
[ADD] Ancestral Spirit to Ruud Shop
[ADD] Blue Eye Anvil to Ruud Shop
[ADD] New Custom Jewels added in game

Update Credits: [Lemperor - Several Fix] [Lucyan - Several Add] [Bogdan - Support]

[FIX] = any bugs or incorrect configuration fixed
[ADD] = adding different objects / items / spots / maps / monsters
[SET] = any new setting made

Published by Owner, May 12, 2020