New Class: Slayer, Royal Slayer, Master Slayer, Slaughterer! Slayer is a new female class character and is attack power is build only by Strenght. Character is very similar to Dark Knight class, as she can use some of the same items, weapons, wings and even skills.


Server is on Testing mode

Now we are setting up the server and testing.We will be glad if you come , test and report bugs.


Support and Chat

Any problem you have, you cand find us on discord chat!


General Informations
Version Experience Drop Max Normal Lvl Max Master Lvl
Season 15 500x 30% Lvl 400 Lvl 800
Spots Max Stats MU Helper NPC Shops Reset Level
5-10 mobs 65000 Lvl 80 Items +7 400
New features
  • /Offattack: Offattack: Allows you to close the MU Client and let your AFK characters attack. (You can turn off your PC)

  • /Offstore: Allows you to sell in your personal store while your character is offline.

  • Autoparty: Allows you to set a private password to share with your friends that can be used to join your group automatically without your intervention.

  • Reconnect System: In case of connection problems, the system will try to reconnect you within the next 60 seconds if it is successful you will return to the game.

  • Account Lock System: Allows you to lock your account to protect it from thieves. Providing you additional protection for your peace of mind.

  • Marry Sistem: Map Required is Devias 2, Coordinates proposal: X13 Y25 / Coordinates accept: X13 Y26

Event List
Nix Lord of Ferea Core Magriffy
CrywolfLoren DeepLord Silvester
Illusion TempleBattle SoccerAcheron Guardian
Cherry BlossomSanta ClausArca War
Raklion EventLoren DeepWhite Wizard Invasion
MedusaImperial FortnessDouble Goer
In Game main Commands
Commands Description
/addstrAdd points to strength
/addagiAdd points to agility
/addvitAdd points to vitality
/addeneAdd points to energy
/addcmdAdd points to command
/resetReset command [Keep Stats] [Require Level:400]
/postSend message to all server
/pkclearClear your pk status
/offstoreYou can exit game and your chatarter stay online with open store
/offattackYou can exit game and your chatarter stay online doing level
/prop [charname]to propose a marryadge
/Acceptto accept a marry proposal
/divorceto broke the marryadge
/findto find your partner in game
/clearinvclear your Character inventory
/info [charname]this will display level and restarts of any characters
/logoutwill automaticly close your game
/rankwill display top 3 Resets ranking
Succes rates
Item +10>+1580%85%90%95%
Wings Lvl195%95%95%95%
Wings Lvl280%83%85%90%
Wings Lvl375%78%80%85%
Wings Lvl465%68%70%85%
Soul Success50%60%65%70%
Life Success50%60%65%70%
Harmony Success50%60%65%70%

Characters Create level
Dark KnightLvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1
Dark WizardLvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1
Fairy ElfLvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1
SummonerLvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1
Magic GladiatorLvl 220Lvl 150Lvl 50Lvl 1
Dark LordLvl 250Lvl 210Lvl 80Lvl 1
Rage FighterLvl 80Lvl 40Lvl 1Lvl 1
Grow LancerLvl 100Lvl 50Lvl 1Lvl 1
Rune WizardLvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1
SlayerLvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1Lvl 1